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Onaman River Resort

Onaman River resort is located approximately 30 miles north of Jellicoe, Ontario on the Onaman River where it flows into spectacular Lake Nipigon via Humboldt Bay.
Set against a backdrop pine trees and rock outcrops and cliffs in the heart of the Canadian Shield, we are ideally situated for access to remote northern end of Lake Nipigon. In addition our boat access is one of only six on the entire lake.
Our boat access is one of only six on the entire lake, a lake 50% bigger than Lake of the Woods.
Home of the World Record Brook Trout, the average Lake Nipigon Brook Trout would be a trophy most anywhere else.
Lake Nipigon also offers some of the best trophy Lake Trout Fishing in the world. Each year Lake trout over 50 lbs. are caught from our resort
Truly Impressive Northern Pike, commonly exceeding 40 inches are also caught near the islands and bays
Large concentrations of walleyes are found in the tributaries and select areas of the lake and its bays.
We also offer cached boats on one of the most amazing Trophy Walleye Fisheries in Ontario, Onaman Lake. It is not at all uncommon to catch dozens of walleye in a day without catching even 1 less than 20 inches.
In addition there a dozens of lakes and streams dotting the surrounding boreal forests that provide amazing angling opportunities for walleye, northern pike, and trout.

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